No Green Thumb? No Problem - Buy a Hardy House Plant.

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Just because you're not good at gardening doesn't mean you can't take care of plants. Many house plants are easy to grow indoors and can spring back after being accidentally under- or overwatered. You can find all kinds of hardy house plants for sale at The Plant Station in Shreveport, LA.

Our house plants come in sturdy ceramic vases, so you can place your new indoor plants around your house as soon as you get home. Stop by our plant store today to start cultivating a lush indoor garden.

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Wondering what house plants make good gifts? Ask our knowledgeable team. We'll let you know what indoor plants...

Don't require direct sunlight
Are safe for households with pets
Are appropriate for weddings or funerals

We can also order house plants for you. Special orders typically arrive within one week.

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